The Mumpreneur Club - not just another networking group

It's amazing what a simple tag can put in motion

What started with my usual scroll of instagram with my morning Chai, the Inspired Book Box - another AMAZING small business FYI - had tagged me in this giveaway opportunity for a new group launching for Mums in Business. Now straight away I could tell this wasn't just "another networking group", I got one of those warm fuzzy feelings - you know the one that makes you smile for no reason - and suddenly I was tagging, then I was reading, then I was booking in an obligation free chat.

The next day I received a phone call from Emma, founder of The Mumpreneur Club, who has got to be one of the most genuine warm hearted women I have spoken with in my years as a business owner - and it's not just because her Scottish charm makes me feel at home. There was no pressure whatsoever during the phone call, I actually don't think we discussed the joining opportunity much at all until towards the end where Emma offered me a free trial and chance to tune into one of the Master Class sessions scheduled for that week.

I am already connected with a few Business Networking Groups - and I LOVE these groups I'm part of. I am one of those business women who thrive by connecting with others, I believe collaborating with others is how I will be able to succeed in business - no one can do it all alone.


So what makes The Mumpreneur Club different?

It's literally in the name... We're all mums! I thought I had my business mindset all sorted, but then I became a mum and quickly learned that "baby brain" is a real thing. Suddenly the way I've always done business wasn't working anymore. I was spending way too much time going in circles, getting halfway through a project then getting distracted - in a good way by bubs - but completely forgetting what I was doing!

Connecting with Emma, I quickly realised I wasn't alone, that this is completely normal for mums in business and how important it is to have the right support around you to get through this new stage in your life and business. In the short 3 weeks I've been a member of The Mumpreneur Club, I have gained so much through the Master Class sessions, connecting with and even securing the opportunity to collaborate with other mums in business.

I am so excited to be taking part in the next Live Your Passion challenge round. Interested in joining in yourself?

Get in contact with Emma, the founder of The Mumpreneur Club here:

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