If you're going to watch any mindfulness video it has to be: "Just Breathe" created by Julie Salzman

This has always been one of my favourite resources to refer to for understanding the importance of mindfulness practice in young children. There is so much going on in those busy brains of theirs, it's important we remember they too need to pause and "just breathe" at times. The analogy behind the glitter jar is what inspired our Mindfulness Matters Kits.

"In this powerful short film, watch and hear from elementary school students learning to use mindfulness to navigate complex feelings. “Just Breathe” was created by Mindful Schools graduate and filmmaker, Julie Bayer Salzman."

** Li'l Hands Bizi Minds is by no means affiliated with Mindful Schools or Julie Salzman, nor does Li'l Hands Bizi Minds claim any ownership of the above video. This post is simply to share this amazing resource and all credit goes to Julie Salzman, Graduate of Mindful Schools

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